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Is it all really homemade?

Absolutely! Our soups come from recipes passed down from Grandma and our pastries are all made fresh daily. All bakery recipes are made by Mrs. G herself. We strive to use all fresh ingredients to produce the best quality food for our beloved customers.

What does your Catering in tale?

Catering is the answer to feeding large groups of people. We can create  desirable, welcoming packaging to meet your meeting or special occasion needs. The quality of your food remains exceptional and your customer service superb. Please call our cafe if you would like more information. We would love to help you!

Can I get catering delivered?

Yes, upon request. Please contact Mr. or Mrs. G at our telephone number listed. Delivery charges may apply.

How many people will an assortment feed?

Each assortment platter feeds 12-20 people. Contact us at our telephone number listed to help plan and place your order. We'll help you select the right amount of food depending on the size of your occasion.

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